Microsoft Dynamics GP and Integrity Data’s Payroll Add-ons Save You Hours Every Pay Period

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Many of our Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll clients are looking for ways to make their payroll tasks easier. Integrity Data, one of our trusted ISVs (independent software vendors), designed and developed several add-on software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll. Integrity Data’s add-ons help round out GP’s payroll functionality, making it a complete payroll solution for any industry and organization. Their add-ons can save you time and money and make your life easier.


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Employee E-mail Statements

Integrity Data’s Employee E-mail Suite allows clients to automatically e-mail direct deposit statements to employees and eliminates the manual process of printing, stuffing, and distributing them each pay period. Benefits of sending direct deposit earnings statements and W-2 statements electronically include:

  • Provides access to statements earlier than traditional mail does.
  • Greatly reduces the chance that a statement will get lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery or misplaced after the employee receives it.
  • Ensures that employees can receive statements even if they are traveling or away from their mailing address.
  • Allows employees to retrieve their statements at any time of the day and on weekends.
  • Saves you a ton in postage!


Comprehensive Leave Manager

Many organizations, regardless of employee count, need unlimited flexibility to track and manage leave benefits. Integrity Data’s Comprehensive Leave Manager allows you to define your own codes and set policies for leave accruals, lump-sum allocations, and comp time. This add-on saves time with mass updating, balance sharing and transfer, and intermittent FMLA instance creation in HR. It also offers full HRM Self-Service Suite integration. Gain flexibility to track and manage unlimited leave codes by implementing this add-on that offers many options for accrual calculations and maximums while automatically tracking detailed leave history.


Negative Deductions

Easily reverse automatic deductions such as health insurance or life insurance premiums with the Negative Deductions enhancement. These cannot currently be processed in Microsoft Dynamics® Payroll. This is also a very useful tool when employees are terminated. The add-on makes payroll corrections and adjustments in one step by entering a negative transaction rather than using time-intensive manual check transactions. Here are some examples of how this enhancement can be utilized:

  • An employee who has no wages for a certain pay period may still submit an expense report
  • A health insurance premium has been deducted, but due to termination, it has been over-withheld and needs to be reversed out.
  • You need to make an adjustment to a previous deduction amount on a paycheck without modifying deduction maintenance records.


Negative Payroll Transactions

Providing functionality that allows the system to process negative deduction transactions during payroll processing, Negative Payroll Transactions allows you to enter negative pay code transactions in order to reverse earnings on previous payroll runs. This allows managers to reverse incorrectly paid earnings for previous periods or to make other necessary adjustments.


Paycheck “What If” Calculator

Many organizations would prefer to perform net pay or gross-up calculations hypothetically rather than taking the time and risk of changing data to run a fake payroll. This add-on eliminates the need to change employee settings and subsequent hassles if information is not returned to the correct settings. The need to process a mock payroll is eliminated by using the Paycheck “What If” Calculator from Integrity Data. This add-on allows you to print, in seconds, easy-to-read reports that help employees make important decisions regarding compensation. The Paycheck “What If” Calculator can also be used to calculate the gross-up amount of a bonus, gift, or other employee check so that the net check is a predetermined amount.


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Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski - Marketing Manager, The TM Group Inc in collaboration with Terry Carlton - Senior Account Manager, Integrity Data

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