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It’s a Lonely Road to Fargo

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For one Dynamics GP EDI provider, the road to Fargo is logistically a long and lonely trip, but then again, it’s that way for many of the attendees.

But Data Masons is also a little unique in our loneliness, as we are the only EDI Solution Provider Sponsoring GP Technical Airlift.

For GP users and partners, evaluating Dynamics EDI solutions can be a daunting task and unfortunately, many times selections are made based on price or legacy relationships. Those factors coupled with the appearance that multiple solution providers offer the same capabilities – integration, ease-of-use, outsourcing, etc. – makes the evaluation process even more challenging.

That’s where events like GP Technical Airlift come in. The GP Technical Airlift event provides a highly-focused environment for ISVs to get down to the nitty-gritty on how the products and support we provide help sell more Dynamics and drive the success of your clients’ businesses.

For EDI specifically, there is a wide gulf between the perception created by a salesperson and the reality of the product that is delivered. We’re looking forward to the long trip to Fargo and sharing with you what you to need to know to help your GP clients achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to EDI integration, especially on the brink of the GP 2013 H2 release.

Hope to see you in Fargo!

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One Response to “It’s a Lonely Road to Fargo”

  1. Sabrina says:

    As a member of the Fargo community, we’re glad you’re coming to visit! You’ll soon find that Fargo isn’t that far and that you’ll more than likely make friends along the way, so no need to worry about being lonely.

    Make sure to check out the area when you’re here – especially the downtown area.