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Is it Time for a Tune-Up or a Complete Overhaul?

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When you hear a strange clinking sound in your engine, you know something may be wrong with your car.  Unless you are a mechanic, you may not know whether you need a quick-fix or a complete overhaul.  So you turn to the experts.  Similarly, you may be wondering if you need a simple upgrade to your entry-level business management software or if you are better off with an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  You may want to discuss your questions and concerns with a certified software provider, but below are a few questions you may be able to answer yourself.             

  1. How many software solutions do you need?  Many businesses start with an accounting solution, add on inventory management, add on supply chain software, and spend valuable time creating spreadsheets to manage sales or other activities.  Each software program has a cost such as license fees, in addition to the time it takes to integrate it with other solutions or install upgrades.  You may actually be spending more money on multiple solutions when you can use one comprehensive ERP solution for less.
  2. Are you working with current or old data?  Sometimes it takes a long time to get the data you need when working with multiple specialty software programs.  By the time you get the data you need and analyze it to make an important business decision, you may be working with old data.  You could exceed a budget because it took too long to get expense data or accidentally promise a customer an item that just sold out to another customer. 
  3. How is your customer service?  Satisfying ever-changing customer demands can create all sorts of commotion with procurement and manufacturing or distribution operations.  Besides having the flexibility to respond to order changes, does your specialty software help you spot trends in buying habits?  Identifying trends with hot products or responding to changing customer tastes can help you boost sales, save money with inventory fluctuations, and improve customer service

The right business software can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, while the wrong software creates road bumps that can slow you down.  The experts at Perimeter Business Solutions can help you determine whether your current business management solution needs a little fine-tuning or if you are better off with a more robust ERP solution.  Contact Perimeter Business Solutions for more information about finding the right business solution for your exact business needs.

By Mark D. Kosakowski of Perimeter Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Georgia

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