GPUG (Microsoft Dynamics GP User Group) Summit 2013: 5 Reasons to "B" There

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GPUG Summit is around the corner. If you work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you need to be there! Here are my top 5 reasons you need to "B" in Tampa:


  1. It’s BEER.  Ok, maybe not the most important part of the conference, but certainly an important part of socializing and networking. Some of the best parts of GPUG Summit are the conversations in the hallways or after-hour social events, especially when one is holding a beer. It makes the casual part of business more engaging, if not more memorable.
  2. It’s BUDDIES. Some of my best friends are only seen at GPUG Summit. There is a definite camaraderie and bonding around the friends we see year after year because some of the business challenges we face are not solved in one shot. Updating progress on ongoing issues is an important part of the networking that happens at GPUG Summit.
  3. It’s BUSINESS. If you are wanting more for your business or organization, this is the place to be. GPUG Summit, unlike other conferences, is solely about Microsoft Dynamics GP. Receiving that quality of business focus is hard to find elsewhere. I guarantee you will learn some new way to benefit your business with new ideas, concepts, or tricks of the trade.
  4. It’s BIGGER. Year after year, GPUG Summit has grown in size, scope, training, and offerings. This year is no exception, and we are on target to have the largest Dynamics GP conference in history, Yes, in this case, bigger is definitely better!
  5. It’s a BARGAIN. Face it, travel to a conference can be expensive. GPUG Summit is not. When you compare the costs versus that other annual Dynamics conference, it is no contest. Here you get quality, focused engagement on just one product, Microsoft Dynamics GP. If having to choose annually between GPUG Summit and that other major Dynamics conference, I’d choose this one, hands down!


Don't forget to give Rockton Software a shot at BAR #413, or attend one of our Partner Showcases, Making Microsoft Dynamics GP Work Simpler & Easier, Wednesday, October 23rd, 11:15am-12:15am and Thursday, October 24th, 9:30am-10:30am.


Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

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