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Dynamics GP – Shortage Alert!

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How often does material get received and put away on a shelf while your Production floor or Shipping group is anxiously waiting for the Item?

WilloWare’s Shortage Inquiry provides the Receiver with a list of documents in Dynamics GP that require inventory.  Shortages are identified in SOP (Backordered Quantities), GP Manufacturing (Picklist Shortages) and GP Field Service (Service Call Parts).

When inventory is received into the system, such as when a PO Receipt, Inventory Adjustment or Manufacturing Order Receipt is posted, Shortage Inquiry launches automatically to look for transactions that need the newly received inventory.  If it finds a requirement, the Shortage Inquiry window opens displaying the document(s) which need the inventory.

The Shortage Inquiry window provides “zooms” to the document entry window for the shortage document, giving the user quick access to those documents so they can allocate the newly available inventory.

Shortage Inquiry

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