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Budgeting with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The budgeting functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP is powerful but easy and efficient to use. You can track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years in multiple currencies and General Ledger accounts. You can report budget vs. actual data by year, quarter, or month, and you can keep an audit trail of who modifies a budget and when. You can work with the industry-standard spreadsheet tool, Microsoft Excel, then easily import and export data to and from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Budget Wizard for Excel in Microsoft Dynamics GP ( simplifies your use of Excel with Dynamics GP. Create a budget template for your budget information for each period, and the Budget Wizard enables quick import of budget data into MS Dynamics GP, or export therefrom.

The ease of exporting and importing budget data to and from Excel is important, because if you use Excel-based budgeting, changes that are made in Microsoft GP are not automatically updated in Excel. You must export changed GP budgets back into Excel to keep your budgets in sync. That goes the other way as well: changes in Excel budgets must be imported into GP.

With Microsoft GP, you can create a budget for a range of GL accounts, then see how the calculation you used has affected each account in the range, one account at a time. You can calculate, modify, or delete budgets for individual accounts. And you can create transactions that increase or decrease a budget for accounts for a specific period.

As the old saying goes, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." Plan to plan, and plan well.

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