Benefits of Purchase Order Processing in GP

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With the release of GP2013, there has been an increased desire to learn more about the Purchase Order Processing module since many GP customers are acquiring it during their upgrade and for those new to Dynamics GP it is part of the Starter Pack.

Purchase Order Processing (POP) allows for a more automated system to manage PO’s thus reducing the time spent on the process.  You can enter Standard, Drop-ship and Blanket purchase orders for items which can be inventory items, “service” items that do not track inventory, or a one-time-only non-inventory item.  You can automate your purchase order processing approval process by using GP POP approvals. Each buyer can approve their own PO’s up to a specified dollar value, and route your PO to your manager for approval for PO’s over your limit.

You can establish long-term contracts with vendors by using blanket purchase orders to record and track extended purchases.  If need be, you can have varying required dates for each line item on the purchase order. You can establish alerts that prevent employees from issuing invalid purchase orders.  PO’s can be emailed directly to the vendor using a stored vendor email address.

Other functionality that POP allows for includes entering and posting shipment receipts, in-transit inventory receipts, and invoice receipts in batches or on an individual basis.  Matching shipments to invoices ensures that accurate costs are assigned to items received into inventory. When necessary you can change the status of or the individual line items.  Settings can allow for over-receipt of item up to a specific setting and automatic canceling of shortages within a certain amount, perfect for purchasing items that do not have a set quantity per unit such as buying resin by the pound or food items like lobster.

Purchase order tracking is another benefit. You can determine tracking of open or historical purchase order and receiving documents by order number, item number or date.  Mapping can also be done to PO line numbers automatically to expedite purchase orders.

There are even more new features to explore with the release of GP2013.  Learn about them on this video link that explains prepayments on PO’s, PO tolerance, tracking serial numbers and preventing PO closes.

There will be some set-up and implementation involved in getting your purchase order processing functionality up and running.  You will also want to allow for some training time to get familiar with the best ways to use your POP.


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