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Andrew King, WebSan Solutions, Inc.

Why Doesn’t My GL Match My Sub-Ledger?

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Many times, usually around month-end, I will get a call from a client who has a mismatch between their sub-ledger balance & their General Ledger.  The first thing I will ask them is whether or not all batches in their Financial Series Post are posted.  You can see from the screenshot below that GP will automatically create a number of batches in the Financial module after transactions have been posted in the Sales or Purchasing modules. Company configurations can vary, however, in general, a transaction posted individually in a subsidiary ledger will have to also be verified & posted in the Financial Series Post before it will affect the GL.  Most transactions that are saved in the Financial Series Post have already affect the appropriate sub-ledger but NOT the General Ledger.

I advise clients to clear out all entries in the Financial Series Post daily to ensure accurate reporting and to be able to deal with any issues as they arise.

Financial Series Post
Financial Series Post

Adam MacIntosh is a Senior Account & Project Manager with WebSan Solutions Inc, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and 2013 Canadian Channel Elite Awards Finalist.  Adam can be reached at or 416-499-1235 ext 213.

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  1. Richard Mdoe says:

    How do I deposit the banked receipts.