Top 6 Reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll

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If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage your financials, you should strongly consider processing payroll in-house. Here are 6 reasons why such a move makes sense:


Payroll is included in basic licensing for Dynamics GP 2013

That’s right – it’s free! There are no additional module fees, or a need to upgrade your service. If you are on GP 2013, you own the GP payroll module now. These days business need to get the most out of their investment – using software you already own is the perfect way to do that

Unlimited Employee Counts

Granted, this one ties into the first point – but it is worth noting that the free module does not have an employee count limit. In the past you had to add additional employees packs at a cost, but that is no longer the case

Customize pay, benefit, and deduction codes to fit your business needs

If you have complex needs around benefits and deductions, you need to have in-house control on how this is managed.

Create dynamic communications—such as employee letters and benefit and deduction letters using Microsoft Office Word interface

With payroll in-house, you can streamline your communications from HR or other departments that need access to employee payroll data.

Employee time can be manually entered or imported from time tracking system

Greater flexibility to work with the systems you use to capture time and attendance.

Significant cost savings by eliminating payroll processing fees

Once your payroll solution is up and running, updates are free as part of your GP maintenance plan, so there is very little if any on-going costs. This can save you thousands of dollars a year over outsourced payroll solutions.


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By Intellitec Solutions, a Delaware Dynamics GP Partner serving Pennsylvania and specializing in Payroll Solutions

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