Top 10 Tips for Everyday Users To Survive An ERP Software Change

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In my last blog post, How is a Dynamics GP Software Consultant Like a Bartender?, I acknowledged that change is hard. And using new ERP software is a big change. But the bottom line is, if you company has chosen a new system, in order to thrive, you will need to learn to love it.  After many years of training new users of Microsoft Dynamics GP here are my tips for how to work with your implementation partner so you can smoothly make the transition:

  1. Remember it will get better. Take a deep breath. I promise it will get better. Remember, it took you years to get everything exactly like you liked it in your old system. I want to shorten that time, but remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
  2. Stick to the most common tasks first.  My job is to show you how to cover the “most common” tasks and issues that you will see. If you think of a crazy wacky scenario and we try to cover that in our group training, it will shorten the time left for important items. If you want to stop and go over those crazy issues, let’s do that one-on-one.
  3. Use the Help resources. I will show you how to access help and how to access the manuals. I know you hate manuals. but they are there to help you. If you learn how to access help, you will be ahead of the game.  Check out: Dynamics GP Video Tip: Using the Built In Help Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  4. SLOW DOWN!!  About 2 weeks into using the program, you might think you can just zoom through and never look back. But stop, print your edit lists, ask me to show you how to use SmartList (if you use GP) to verify information. Fast is good, but accurate is better.
  5. Print out reports that you use from your old system. Mark them up like you would normally. There are so many people that color-code or sticky note up their reports before they actually mean something. If you do that, I need to see it.
  6. Ask questions. Write them down. Take screenshots. Circle items on the report that don’t make sense.
  7. Take notes. If the training is going too fast, we can slow down. If something is important, write it down. I will often stop in training and take screenshots and do a little bit of documentation of new processes for my clients. Adding a screenshot is a great way to help people. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  8. Be honest with me. Remember, I have done this before. If you need help, that is my job. I want you to be happy and productive and I will talk to your boss and ask for more time for training if necessary.  I have a lot of clients who break the training into 2 phases. This is a GREAT way to help people get the basics first. Then the 2nd set of sessions are more advanced topics.
  9. Take it seriously. Your company wants you to succeed. This is a big investment. They are investing in you as much as they are investing in the new servers, the software, and the programming.
  10. Don’t be afraid of change. I know it is “scary” but it can also be exciting and rewarding. Just think, you get to grow and become more valuable to your boss. (Insider tip: the people that I have worked with that “got on board” and really helped with the implementation got noticed and rewarded.) Making the decision for a new ERP system was a big decision for your boss, management, and board of directors. Things are going to be different, so jump on board. By the time I walk in the door to do training, the “train is about to leave the station”. They are not going to go back to your old system, so let’s make the new one work for you.

Is your company ready for a new ERP system? Don’t be afraid. Just choose the right implementation partner that will hold your hand along the way and help make it a good experience for you.

CAL Business Solutions works with 250+ Dynamics GP customers in 16+ states. If you are looking for a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, or Microsoft Dynamics GP training, contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 or

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you so you can survive and thrive during your ERP software implementation.

By Amber Bell, Training and Implementation Specialist, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Everyday Users To Survive An ERP Software Change”

  1. The ERP Implementation solution inevitably requires companies and their employees to change. They may need to change how they approach certain tasks, what tools they use, how they communicate, what methods they use to communicate and so on.Thanks!!!

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