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Three Reasons QuickBooks Software Doesn’t Cut It for Aviation Businesses

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Sherwood Aviation InfographicThe aviation industry deals with a plethora of compliance measures to ensure safety regulations are met. With a unique business model like this, it’s important to have accounting in check so you can remain profitable while meeting these strict regulations.

Over the years, Sherwood Systems has worked with a number of aviation businesses struggling with QuickBooks processes such as redundant data entry, processing delays, and inability to scale with their growing business needs.  Signs you’ve outgrown QuickBooks for accounting shouldn’t be ignored and here are three specific reasons why QuickBooks doesn’t cut it specifically for aviation businesses…

  1. No Bread Crumbs to Follow: Unfortunately, QuickBooks doesn’t have a dependable audit trail of financial data. For example, if someone in your organization makes a change for one reason or another, QuickBooks doesn’t appropriately track who made that change or why. When dealing with accounting records (especially in regard to compliance), it’s absolutely critical to have this information in your system.
  2. Manual Entry of Serial Numbers = Manual Error: QuickBooks isn’t scalable enough to integrate with many third party systems resulting in manual data entry. For example, aviation manufacturers need to manually enter serial numbers in different systems, which is prone to errors and ultimately wastes time.
  3. No Real-Time Reporting: Because it’s difficult to integrate other systems with QuickBooks, resulting in manual processes, it is almost impossible to get a real-time view of your operations. This lack of insight can lead to a number of issues including inaccurate tracking of certifications and wasted time filling out complex compliance reports manually.

Contact Sherwood Systems for more information about switching from QuickBooks to an accounting solution that does cut it! Make sure to also check out our infographic, 6 Ways to Cut the Cost of Compliance for more information.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Arizona

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