Rockton Software Compatibility: GP 2013 Service Pack 1 and Registration Keys

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Being in a support role at Rockton Software, I have been asked the question often: Are Rockton Software products compatible with GP 2013 Service Pack 1?

The answer is yes; they are compatible. We have not had any reports of problems with our products and GP 2013 Service Pack 1, however, if any unforeseen issue does arise—we will work to resolve it ASAP.

I have also been asked if our customers will need new Rockton Software registration keys if they upgrade to GP 2013 Service Pack 1. The answer to that is no, as long as the customer has not upgraded their GP version, site name, or current User count, then the current registration keys they have are sufficient.

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Written by Pam Rasmussen, Technical Support at Rockton Software

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