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Meeting Software Demands in the Oilpatch

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Carol Rogne is making the drive out to western North Dakota for the second time this month. As the CEO of DFC Consultants, and a native of the Dickinson area, she’s accustomed to traveling, but since the oil boom, she has been hitting the road much more often. DFC Consultants’ main office is located in Fargo but business is shifting west.

The majority of businesses in western North Dakota are experiencing unprecedented growth and are running into a major business management issue: their software can’t keep up. Expanding fleets, increased assets, and additional employees can present a challenge. Rogne works with businesses to determine the best software solution to fit their individual needs.

“Over the past few years, I have watched the region I grew up in explode with new businesses and opportunities. This is a new chapter for North Dakota and being able to help companies find a way to become organized and financially successful is a wonderful privilege for me and for DFC,” said Rogne.

During an initial meeting with a company, Rogne discusses what issues the customer is currently facing and what issues they foresee in the future. According to Rogne, the top five things to consider when looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution are:

1. Evaluate your needs and resources. Ask yourself what the ideal software solution would do for you. A complete solution can help you with your financial management, budgeting, reports, human resources, payroll, supply chain management, inventory, and much more.

2. Determine the ease of use. The amount of time that your employees will have to spend learning a new system should be taken into consideration. If the software format is new, it will take longer to learn and cost you productivity time.

3. Ask about support options. A good support plan option can make the difference between getting the job done and researching how to get the job done.

4. Consider your future needs. The right ERP solution will fit your needs now and in the future, growing with your business.

5. Find the right provider. The right provider will offer excellent customer service, provide an implementation timeline and most importantly, truly understand what your business needs to succeed.

One of the booming companies Rogne works with is Noble Casing, based out of Williston. Noble was formed in 2009 when there were 30 rigs drilling in the Bakken. The number of rigs has increased over 500% since then and Noble’s employee count has risen to over 100. With a growing employee base and expanding business, Trista Oleksik, Noble’s Accounting Manager, knew a simple software solution like QuickBooks couldn’t keep up.

In 2012, Noble Casing partnered with DFC Consultants and invested in Microsoft Dynamics GP, an ERP solution that they utilize not only to manage their finances but also to track assets, generate in-depth reports, manage job costs, and allow employees to enter their time worked.

“QuickBooks wasn’t meeting the demands of what we needed. It only allowed us to do invoicing and pay bills and we needed a better way to track our services. When we saw the demonstration of what GP can do, we were blown away,” said Oleksik.

The employees at Noble were pleasantly surprised at the ease of use that GP provided. As a Microsoft product, it offers the same navigation as other more familiar programs, such as Word or Excel, and offers the ability to export information directly into those programs.

“We were really impressed with the reporting options and with SmartLists. Along with that, GP offers checks and balances for our finances. In QuickBooks, it was easy to make mistakes,” said Oleksik.

Experts say the oil boom isn’t going away anytime soon, and Noble Casing, along with other oilfield businesses, is set to continue their rapid growth. As their company continues to expand, the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP can expand with them, making their software investment a lasting one.

by DFC Consultants

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