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Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions

Infographic: How Technology Changed Accounting From 1494 to 2013

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This infographic shows the start of modern accounting in 1494 when Luca Pacioli first described the systems of debits, credits, journals and ledgers. Then outlines the difference between how processes were done before accounting software programs and after accounting software programs. VisiCalc and QuickBooks changed the industry when they were introduced. (We will forgive them for not including the release of “Great Plains Software” in 1993 as a pivitol moment in history.) And now we see a shift as accounting software is offered “in the cloud”. The infographic also looks at how the profession of accounting has adapted to these technology changes.

A fun visual look for any finance department.

How Accounting Has Been Changed Over Time With Technology

by Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 Responses to “Infographic: How Technology Changed Accounting From 1494 to 2013”

  1. This is a great infographic. We don’t usually see them for our industry.

    Things have changed a lot!

  2. I completely agree that accountants are increasingly becoming more like consultants rather than professionals who busy themselves with bookkeeping, tax returns, etc.. At Clever Accounting ( http://www.cleveraccounting ) we continuously encourage our partners to have a long term plan and focus on growing their business through advisory services.