How to Divorce Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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Many people compare the ERP software evaluation process as dating and choosing a Dynamics GP implementation partner as marriage.  We all hope we will live happily ever after, but sadly sometimes marriages go wrong. If the relationship can’t be saved, the time might come when you want to “divorce” your Dynamics GP partner.

Why relationships can go wrong.

Perhaps it is due to a lack of communication, perhaps you have grown apart. In terms of your Dynamics GP partner, this could mean that the partner you chose doesn’t give you the attention you need or no longer focuses on the product that you’ve purchased. Maybe you’ve moved to a different location and want local support.  It could just be a personality clash. (10 Reasons Microsoft Thinks You Might Divorce Your Dynamics GP Partner) What should you do?

First, try to mend the relationship.

If you find that you are unhappy with your Dynamics GP partner relationship the first step of course is to try to work it out. Often it is just miscommunication and can be mended. Be honest with your Dynamics GP partner, tell them how you feel, explain what you need, ask them if there’s a way that it can be fixed and give them time to make the change. After all, you have both invested quite a bit of time and money in this relationship, you should try to make it work.

But what if there are still irreconcilable differences?

If you still feel the relationship can’t be salvaged, it is okay to switch your partner.  After all, this is not a real marriage with holy vows, this is business!  You need to do what is best for your company.  And the process to change your Dynamics GP partner is actually quite easy, with no lawyer involved.

How to find a new Dynamics GP partner.

Basically you have to get back into the dating scene to find a new Dynamics GP partner. You can start by asking colleagues for referrals. Or do an internet search, preferably narrowed down by industry or location such as “Dynamics GP partner distribution industry” or “Dynamics GP partner Connecticut”. I personally think that attending local Dynamics GP user events is a good way to find new options – either by evaluating the partners in attendance, or asking happy users who they work with.

Once you narrow it down to a short list, then call the Dynamics partners to set up a conversation.

Be honest about your relationship status.

It will be easier for everyone if you are honest with the prospective new partner about your current relationship. Tell that what is making you unhappy with your current partner and what you expect in a new relationship. This will help them to understand if they will be a better match for you or not. It is better to know now, than go through this process again.

When should you tell your current partner you are leaving?

Hopefully, by this stage, you have spoken to your current partner to express your concerns and given them a chance to save the relationship. However, you may hesitate to tell them you are actively looking for a new partner, fearing that they will treat you differently. This adds a level of complexity.

Because the Dynamics GP community, especially in the same geography, is a close knit group, it is very likely that that new partner, if they know your original partner, may contact them and ask “the other side of the story”. If you prefer that that doesn’t happen because you have not had the “break up” conversation with your current partner yet please make sure to make this clear to the new partners you speak with.

Once you do make a decision and choose a new partner, it is fair to everyone involved  if you personally inform the old partner that you have decided to leave them.

How to Make the New Relationship Official

Once you have gotten “engaged” to a new partner you need to make it official and record this change with Microsoft. This will make the new company your “Partner of Record” with Microsoft Dynamics. As your Partner of Record they can access your system details, registration keys and place orders on your behalf.

It is actually a very simple process to change your partner of record, you just need to submit a form - either online or by mail.  Click here for step by step directions to change your Dynamics GP partner of record.

When the form is processed by Microsoft the new partner will get an email from Microsoft allowing them to see all of your system details including registration keys, protected list price, number of users, modules, contacts, etc.

Your old partner will also receive a short email from Microsoft that informs them that you have officially switched partners.  However it will NOT give them name of the new partner that you have chosen to work with.  (But as I said above, this email should not come as a surprise to them).

As far as I know Microsoft does not set a limit on the number of times that you can switch your partner of record. However, if you do this too often you can earn the reputation as “a player” within the partner community, and you may find it hard to find someone to work with.

Paying a Dowry vs Alimony to your Dynamics GP Partner

Switching to a new Dynamics GP partner will be much easier if you are current on your annual enhancement plan.  Remember that your partner of record gets a small percentage of that annual maintenance fee you pay to Microsoft. So if you are going to make a change it’s a nice courtesy to try to make that change just before your enhancement is paid versus just after.  Think of this as a dowry you bring to your new partner. Which is much better than paying alimony to the partner you’ve split up with.

Next steps?

CAL Business Solutions believes in long term relationships. Divorce should only used as a last resort.  However, if you find that you need a new Dynamics GP partner we can help you determine if CAL Business Solutions is a match for you and assist you with the process.  Contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 or

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions,  Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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