How Much More Can You Gain from Your ERP with the Right Partner?

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Do you find yourself saying things like:

“I don’t think that we use our ERP solution to its full potential”

“We implemented an ERP solution that was supposed to automate our processes and deliver business intelligence, but we are still doing manual workarounds and we can’t run the reports we need”

“Ever since our implementation “went live,” we have had hard time getting a response from our partner”

If so, it’s likely that the problem isn’t with your ERP solution, it’s with the partner who implemented it.

In order for an ERP partner to assist you in attaining long-term value from your solution, it is imperative for you to be aligned with a partner that is committed to a long-term relationship with your organization and has a history of maintaining this type of relationship with other clients.  With the ongoing support of your ERP partner, you can:

  • Improve user adoption
  • Align your solution with your business processes to enhance and automate them
  • Adapt and scale your solution as your business needs change
  • Keep your users up to date and engaged with ongoing training, events, users groups, etc.
  • Get technical issues addressed quickly and efficiently
  • Take advantage of the full capabilities of the software

Quick Solutions Inc. (QSI), an IT Consulting firm in Westerville, Ohio, is living proof of these facts.  Two years ago, they engaged with a partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, but were quickly disappointed with results of the implementation.  They soon realized that their solution was not aligned with their business processes.  As a result, they were not using the system properly and were unable to obtain the required results.

After nine months of frustration, QSI reached out to a different Dynamics GP Partner, Socius.  Socius was able to quickly and efficiently assess their business processes and align their solution with those processes.  In some instances, Socius was able to recommend changing certain processes in order to save time and limit the risk of errors.  The changes that Socius made dramatically improved QSI’s reporting, gave them real-time visibility into their business, and saved them time.

“Socius’ knowledge of the solution and our business has been invaluable to helping us achieve success and an actual ROI for Microsoft Dynamics GP,” said Pamela Hagely, Director and Corporate Controller at QSI.  “Being able to trust our technology partner and depend on them when we deal with issues, even after implementation, is truly priceless.”

To learn more about the benefits that QSI gained by switching to a new ERP partner, read their complete case study.

If you aren’t satisfied with the way that your ERP solution has been implemented or the way your post-implementation relationship with your ERP partner has changed, find out why companies like yours consider making the switch to Socius (

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner in Ohio (

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