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Dynamics GP – Mass Inventory Transactions and Transfers

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Another simple solution for a time-consuming task!

WilloWare’s IV Mass Transaction/Transfer feature allows a user to create an Inventory Transaction (Adjustment or Variance) or Inventory Transfer for all inventory in a specified Site, or Site-Bin if multi-bins is enabled.

IV Mass Transfer can be used when a business process puts inventory into a “staging” location (which could be a site or bin), and a subsequent process requires moving all of that inventory into a different location (again, this could be a different site, or bin).

For example, a PO Receipt puts inventory into a QA Site-QA Bin. When the material passes QA inspection, it is transferred (using a Bin-to-Bin Transfer) into the QA Site-Released Bin. When a truck arrives to transport the inventory to the distribution center, all of the inventory needs to be transferred from the QA Site-Released Bin into an In-Transit Site/Bin or into a Finished Goods receiving site/bin. IV Mass Transfer would be used to create the transfer of all inventory in the QA Site-Released Bin into the next location.

IV Mass Transaction may be used to clean out a site of “remnant” inventory. For example, due to rounding in material usage on manufacturing orders, small amounts of inventory can be left in a material issue bin. All inventory can be quickly adjusted out by utilizing the Mass Inventory Transaction functionality.

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