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Adding Extender Fields to Report Writer

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    Adding a field from an Extender Window that has only one Key Field to a Report Writer report is easier than you make think. Take a moment to learn how easy it is by watching the video below as we walk you through creating a calculated field that will pull in a specific field from your Extender Window so you can display that data on a Report Writer report.  This video utilizes Extender in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, but the steps are the same for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 as well.


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    One Response to “Adding Extender Fields to Report Writer”

    1. Erwin Figueroa says:

      Can I add an Extender Note attached to the Customer Card to the SOP Blank Order Form within the Report Writer?

      This Extender Note contains Disclaimer that the customer is requiring us to print in their SOP Documents. It’s a paragraph of 102 words.

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