5 New Enhancements That Make Life Easier for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Users

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“Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

Microsoft’s team of developers know the intuition behind business processes and how to turn those processes into new software functionality.  With their experience, they continuously strive to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP in pursuit of formulating the perfect business software.  Dynamics GP 2013 has over 150 new enhancements, some of which are strictly dedicated to improving the overall logical functioning of Dynamics GP 2013.  The following are “Five Enhancements in Dynamics GP 2013” that make life easier for users in any line of business.

Document Attachments-

This novel feature has been added to Dynamics GP 2013 to facilitate collaboration and information sharing between employees or departments.  This allows users to attach documents to certain records so other users can easily view details or documents that are directly related to those records.  Documents such as requisitions, images, and credit reports can be attached to master records, transactions, or line items that are assigned to transactions.

Password Protection for Word Documents-

Email functionality has been enhanced a number of ways in Dynamics GP 2013.  One of these enhancements is the ability to send password-protected word documents over email.  This feature is useful when transferring sensitive documents to specific personnel.  It requires the receiver to enter a password before any edits can be made to the document.


You can now save the default sort order when looking up master records.  When you look up master records such as items, employees, customers and prospects, salespeople, or vendors, they will automatically appear in the sort order you have saved for that lookup type.  Sort orders can be saved specific to users or companies.  It’s a simple enhancement that saves time for employees.

Report Printing-

Reports can now be specified to a printer at the exact time of printing.  Before Dynamics GP 2013, users had to specify the default printer before the report was printed.  After choosing the print option and the report destination, the Windows Print dialogue box will appear.  Within this dialogue box you can select a different printer without changing the default printer option in the Print Setup window.

You can also print reports directly from maintenance windows when using SQL Server Reporting Services.  Within the window, you can select the Printer icon drop-down list to choose the report you want to print from a list of reports.

Home Page-

A number of basic enhancements have been made to streamline the Dynamics GP 2013 homepage.  It no longer includes the Microsoft Office Outlook area, and the Business Analyzer area now sits where the Metrics area was.  Also, Business Analyzer will only appear on the homepage if Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services or later has been installed and integrated with Dynamics GP 2013.  The Area Pages can now be minimized, maximized, and moved in your homepage.  You can customize your homepage to display your preferred number of columns and their locations.  You can also customize your Area Page window so that only the Area Pages you need show up on your homepage.

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