When Is Transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics AX the Best Decision?

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Back when you chose Microsoft Dynamics you maybe didn’t realize what an impactful, forward thinking decision your organization had made.  Dynamics has helped you successfully run your business, perhaps to the point of reaching ‘the club’ – the Enterprise Business Club that is! 

How do you know if you may be in the club?  Besides the size of your organization and the maturity of its processes, there are a few other signs:

  • Rapid Growth
    - You’ve recently expanded locations or product lines and they have quickly become successful.
    - Your company has recently merged or acquired another company doubling your size and capacity.
    - You’re company is poised to expand globally.
  • Complexity – As your business has evolved, your products and/or distribution channels have become more complex.  Your current system is having a hard time keeping track of inventory.
  • Compliance – Changes in your industry brings the need to improve regulatory reporting that your current system just can’t do.

Great news! If your business or industry is changing and growing Microsoft Dynamics has you covered. Microsoft Dynamics has a solution for large organizations – Dynamics AX.

Transitioning from Dynamics GP to Dynamics AX offers unique benefits over other ERP solutions.

  • You’ll receive an investment credit – 100% of your license and maintenance fees you paid for Dynamics GP can be applied towards your Dynamics AX purchase, significantly reducing your total cost of ownership.
  • Faster transition – Because Dynamics AX looks and works like Dynamics GP, your users will be using the system with ease quickly.
  • Minimized risk – With a familiar user interface and similar technical skills required, your risk of project delays and failure is reduced considerably.

Think you are ready to start the discussion? Talk to us to find how upgrading to Dynamics AX could benefit you.

By Encore Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX reseller in Canada  www.encorebusiness.com

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