Three Reasons Why the SaaS-Based ERP Market is Set to Grow Over 13% in the Next 4 Years

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Small and medium-sized businesses have put pressure on software providers to find a way to make enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions more affordable and agile, and there has been a definite response.  Software makers and vendors are now offering popular ERP solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS).   SaaS has created new opportunity for the small business world, putting them in the same ballpark as the big players.  As a result, the ERP SaaS market is expected to grow over 13% in the next four years and here is why:

  1. Affordability:  Small businesses can now access innovative, cutting-edge ERP solutions that were once out of their reach due to price.  Traditionally, only large enterprise corporations could afford robust, business management solutions.  Today, the Cloud and SaaS removes the up-front expense of new hardware, servers, and security protocols.  In addition, licensing users has also become more affordable.  In many cases, businesses can also add or remove user accounts in relationship to seasonal or other fluctuations in headcount.
  2. Mobility:  There is no doubt that as much business activity occurs outside the office and during off-peak hours as in the office each day.  Continual advancement in mobile technology allows business professionals to access their ERP solutions using their Smartphones and tablets.  Whether you are visiting a customer, at a conference, or out to lunch, you can still have your fingertips on your business data and keep projects moving along.
  3. Customer Satisfaction:  Using ERP will improve the productivity of your team, give you the insight to cut costs, and provide the ability to deliver unsurpassed customer service.  Your team can respond to customers faster, complete projects on time and in budget, and follow-up with customers after products or services are delivered.  Added personalized service and passing on cost savings to customers will generate greater loyalty and longer-term sales opportunities.

SaaS is a game-changer and a new opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses to compete with the big players.  Access to ERP solutions has become much more affordable and offers greater agility, which are a few reasons why the SaaS market is on the rise.  Contact Rimrock Corporation to see how SaaS may fit in with your business plans and give your IT budget a break.

By Rimrock Corporation, Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner (

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