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There are many great reporting tools and features in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  One of the most beneficial reporting tools is SmartLists.  Built right into GP, SmartLists is ready to access and there are many lists to choose from.  This table of existing reports covers a variety of lists including account transactions, payables transactions, customers, vendors, purchase orders, receivables transactions and so many more.  There are over 200 SmartList favorites to use and are accessible to all GP users.  For a complete list, review the table at:   You can export SmartList data to Microsoft Office Word or Office Excel with just one click.  Plus, you can quickly transform SmartList data into Office Excel reports or Office Excel Reports into SmartLists, saving time and meeting user specific information needs.  SmartList data can be exported to Excel by clicking the “Excel” button.  Once the SmartList data is in Excel, it can be analyzed any number of ways.   Consider accessing this link by Mike Smith at Dynamics University for a quick read on some SmartList Tips and Tricks that you may find handy.   Also, note there is a SmartList Builder tool that is available to purchase a la carte.  This is not part of the SmartList that come with Dynamics GP.  The SmartList Builder tool allows you to create custom lists and reports not found in the pre-existing favorites selections of SmartList.  If you need help learning more about SmartList or SmartList Builder, contact us at by Software Solutions Group

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