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Process Servers for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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If you like to store and edit home videos, it can really slow your PC down. You can upgrade to a new machine, but like a lot of people, maybe you use an external hard drive instead. It can be a simpler and less expensive solution.

Similarly, you may find that certain processor-intensive tasks in your company's ERP software really slow down your users' machines, which is not only annoying, but costly. You could upgrade your server and client machines to better handle the workload, but it is often easier, less time-consuming, and less expensive to simply add process servers.

A process server is simply a dedicated machine that can handle your processor-intensive tasks. If your company has spare PCs sitting around, as is usually the case, you can put them to work as process servers rather quickly and at virtually no cost. For example, if your accounts payable posting seems to take forever because of the great number of transactions involved, you can set up a process server that just handles AP posting, freeing up employee PCs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP ( comes with process server capability, and the setup is easy. You install Dynamics GP on the process server, then tell Microsoft GP what process servers are available and what processes you want to offload to them (Tools > Setup > System > Process Server). With their machines freed up, your employees will have more time to get to more tasks.

Process servers may not be the best solution for machine slowdowns in your accounting software, but with MS Dynamics GP, it is an easy and inexpensive option to try.

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