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Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 – One Huge, Free Perk is the Dynamics GP Community!

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Back in March, I headed off to Convergence to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the experts.  On Partner Day, I sat in on one of the best presentations about GP2013’s web client capabilities.  And boy, did I take notes - notes about installing, notes about functionality, notes about cool features…..lots of notes.

I began reviewing my notes again last week and something I had written just didn’t make sense.  Thankfully, one of the best features that comes along free with Microsoft Dynamics GP is that you’re immediately inducted into a talented and extremely helpful community of users and experts.   I sent a clarifying question out to the community and by the end of the day, I had received my answer.

Whether you’re trying to find an answer on “How to process a certain transaction?” or “Is there a recommended ISV for Distribution and Manufacturing?”,  there’s definitely someone in the Dynamics GP community who has had the same experience, and more importantly, is willing to share their knowledge.

Some of the free resources which I use:

And it may seem obvious, but Google or Bing will direct you to a lot of these community resources.  Just begin your question with “Dynamics GP” and then your question such as “Dynamics GP Can I disassemble a Finished Good?”  The results may lead you directly to your answer!

by Willow Ware

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