Microsoft Dynamics GP – Provide Your Customers with a Realistic Expected Ship Date

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I’ve seen the following scenario countless times:

  1. A Customer places an order, but needs to know the expected ship date.
  2. Customer Service, in turn, calls the Manufacturing Production Scheduler to get the best date.
  3. Manufacturing then places a call to the Purchaser for an ETA on a required part.
  4. And then the Manufacturing Scheduler calls back Customer Service with a date.

WilloWare has a new tool to reduce the inefficiency of providing dates to Customers while increasing the accuracy of those dates provided – Lead Time Inquiry.  Lead Time Inquiry calculates the minimum time needed to produce a specified quantity of a made item considering both Manufacturing and Vendor lead times for items on the Bill of Material as well as available inventory which is in stock.

Lead time for each BOM component is calculated as follows, in the order shown below:

  1. If Manufacturing Fixed and/or Variable Lead Time is greater than zero from Item Resource Planning for the selected Item-Site combination, then the Lead Time is calculated as (Quantity Required * Manufacturing Variable Lead Time) + Manufacturing Fixed Lead Time.
  2.  Primary Vendor Lead Time
  3. Purchasing Lead Time from Item Resource Planning for the selected Item-Site combination
  4. Last Purchase Vendor’s Lead Time

The longest Lead Time at each level of the Bill of Material is selected to calculate the Total Lead Time in days.  And best of all, your Customer Service Representatives will have a realistic Expected Ship Date to provide to your Customers.

If you’d like to learn more about Lead Time Inquiry or any of the other time-saving WilloWare tools, please visit or send an email to [email protected].


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