How Full Circle Budget Complements BI360 Reporting (OSR)

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If you are using an Excel-based financial reporter then consider Full Circle Budget (FCB) as a budgeting solution.  Oftentimes, companies make it more difficult than necessary when trying to meet their budgeting needs.  Why have an expensive, complex budgeting solution when your requirements can be met with Excel and Full Circle Budget.

Let me demonstrate with an example.  Company ABC has the following requirements.  Using Bi360 and FCB, here is how the requirements are met:

Budget Requirement: Solution: Comments:
Budgeting is done at the Department Level BI360 Role Level Security OSR provides security   roles so that when users run reports, they only see what you want them to   see.
When user enters budget $s, all other fields need to be locked. Excel Protection Excel Protection works   hand in hand with BI360.
Payroll and HR budgeting Excel, FCB Often times this information   can be exported from your Payroll system to excel as your starting point. A   lot of HR benefits can be calculated in excel.   Provided worksheet provides Periods,   Accounts and Budget ID’s, FCB can upload to your accounting system.
Not all users are allowed to see salary $s Two templates Second template does not   display salaries.  Alternative is to   use BI360 Role Level Security to exclude salary accounts for certain users.
G&A Allocations driven by Department Square Feet Bi360, FCB Build G&A Allocations   workbook. Use Full Circle Budget to Save budget $s.
Users are required to enter line item detail to support budget $s.    These line items and comments will later be used as their baseline for   Projections/Forecasts. Bi360, FCB Build budget template   with line item detail lines.  Budget   line item comments can be entered and retrieved regardless of accounting   system capability.
Supervisors need the ability to oversee budget entry. Bi360 As users enter budget $s   and save with FCB, data becomes available immediately for reporting.  Build budget summary reports and provide to   appropriate staff.
Needs to be simple Excel functionality End-Users do not need to   learn a new system.  Most users are   already comfortable with Excel.  Only   extra step with FCB is right click and save.
Ability to lock budgets FCB FCB definitions can be   locked/unlocked by administrator at any time to prevent further input.
Users like to see  base-line information when entering their budgets:  prior year actuals, last year budget, etc. Bi360 Budget template can be   built to include historical data plus the ability to drill into detail.
Built-in Spreading Tool Excel VBA code can easily be   added to spread budget based on historical data, 12 months, quarterly, etc.
What If Scenarios Excel, Bi360 Bi360 allows you to pull   historical data into report.  All excel   functions and conditional formatting is available to build complex reports.


Full Circle Budget (FCB), by T3 Information Systems, is a simple and flexible Excel-based budgeting and forecasting tool that allows users to quickly input budget and forecast amounts and process them directly into the accounting system.  FCB works with any financial reporting package that outputs to Excel.  FCB is more affordable than Bi360 Budgeting (and most budgeting software.)  Setup time is quick as FCB is an Excel Add-in and configuration requires a connection to the database.  Most important, the learning curb is minimal as most end users are already familiar with Excel.


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