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Does ERP Software Play a Role in Delivering Good Customer Service?

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Does it ever! Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can improve customer service by streamlining operational processes and connecting your back office with the front office. Why does this matter? Let us count the ways!

  1. Faster Answers- When you have a customer on the phone or in the store/shop/warehouse, you need to have access to data that will answer their questions. And you know they’ll have questions! “How many of X do you have in stock?” “When can I expect my order to ship?” “Why was I charged X in July?” Well, you get the picture! An ERP solution can house all your data in one place electronically so you can access everything you need in seconds.
  2. Accurate Data- Even worse than making your customers wait for answers or those answers going unanswered is giving them inaccurate information that can backfire quickly. Without manual entry or transferring data from system to system, your data won’t be fraught with errors and you can trust what you’re reporting to your customers.
  3. Happier Employees- When employees have to beg, borrow or steal information to actually do their jobs, their morale goes to an extreme low. If it’s a struggle to pull the information they need to do daily tasks, they’ll get burnt out often and become unmotivated. With information readily available through ERP, they can do their jobs as well as exceed expectations, becoming more productive and feeling they can make a difference in the company.

All of these benefits and more contribute to the ultimate end goal of creating a service level that outweighs the competition. Customer service is more critical than it ever has been before. People are shopping around thanks to the all-encompassing internet and everything is accessible. So when focusing on what sets you apart, realize the multitude of operations that can negatively and positively affect the customer experience and consider simplifying those operations with Microsoft Dynamics ERP software.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner out of Arizona


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