5 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 Every User Should Know About

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Whether you’re brand new to Microsoft Dynamics GP or a veteran user who’s still discovering all the new features GP 2013 has to offer, our video “5 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 Every User Should Know About” is for you. The information we cover will save you valuable time and help make your job easier.

The features covered in this brief 6 minute demo video include:

  1. Additional printer options—In the past, when users wanted to print a Dynamics GP report from a printer other than the default printer, they had to adjust the default printing settings and then recreate the report.  But, in Dynamics GP 2013, when users are ready to print, they can easily choose a printer from a list of all available ones via a dialog box similar to what you’re used to seeing when printing in Microsoft Office.
  2. Document attach— How much time have you spent searching for documents that contain important supporting information about a particular record/ entry you’re looking at in Dynamics GP?  The new document attach feature in Dynamics GP 2013 allows you to save various documents in a GP specific folder on your computer and attach them in GP, so they are right there when you need them.
  3. General ledger journal entry inquiry window—With GP 2013 it’s much easier to quickly look up a journal entry.  The new fiscal year selection dropdown menu makes possible to look up journal entries for past and future years without needing to use SmartList.
  4. Progress bar for year-end closing—With previous versions of Dynamics GP it was sometimes difficult to judge exactly where you were in the lengthy year-end close process.  In order to alleviate this confusion, Microsoft has added a handy progress bar to the year-end close window.
  5. Reprinting check stubs—If a vendor has ever lost one of your check stubs or come to you with a question about a check remittance, you can imagine how nice it would be to have easily accessible copies of your past check stubs.  Dynamics GP 2013 includes a button in the vendor window that makes reprinting this information a cinch.


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If you have questions about these, or any of the other new features included in Dynamics GP 2013, please contact us.  Our friendly Dynamics experts will be happy to help!

If there's a particular Dynamics GP 2013 feature you’d like to see us demonstrate in a future video, please let us know in the comments below.

By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A NC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


5 thoughts on “5 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 Every User Should Know About”

  1. Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for reading our post. You would need to modify the report, adding a link to the record level notes and adding the note text field to the report. I hope that helps!

  2. I would like to know how to print a journal entry list that includes the attached notes. Is this possible?

  3. Hi
    I would like to ask how can I attach the same supporting document to a multiple Journal entries.

    I have a batch which includes up to 100 JE, and I need to attach an excel file to all the JE. I dont want to attach the excel file one by one. Is there easier way to attach the supporting document?

    Thank you

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