The GP Optimizer Magazine Summer 2013 Edition!

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The Summer 2013 Edition of The GP Optimizer Magazine is set to release in early July! Do you want to be one of the FIRST to receive this issue via email from Rockton Software? It will take less than a minute to sign up, just head to


What is The GP Optimizer Magazine?

The GP Optimizer Magazine is a collection of articles and advertisements by Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partners, like Rockton Software. The articles focus on business needs that customers are encountering; they attempt to solve your problem in Microsoft Dynamics GP, ultimately, making your system work simpler and easier.


Want to download The Winter 2013 Edition of The GP Optimizer Magazine?

Head to our website,, and click on The GP Optimizer Magazine icon in the bottom, left-hand corner of the page!


Written By Marketing at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

2 thoughts on “The GP Optimizer Magazine Summer 2013 Edition!”

  1. Looking forward to this magazine. I am a VB/Access programmer, so I think I might find some interesting stuff related to these two magical tools.

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