Retail Grocers, Small to Multi-Store Chains, Leverage the Financial Power of Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The increasing competition between the small “mom and pop” grocery stores and the giants such as Meijer’s and Wal-Mart certainly makes it very challenging to succeed in today’s economic environment. Small, independent retail grocers as well as the large grocery store chains share many of the same business challenges such as keeping their business data accurate and timely. The need for real-time statistics is paramount because profit margins are very tight.

The TM Group supports several large grocery chain distributors as well as individual stores that utilize Microsoft Dynamics GP for financials, payroll (which links to the time clock), and human resources. Whether the customer is a single “mom and pop” store or a larger, multi-location grocery chain, the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution offers a robust business platform that can also be linked with other software programs such as point-of-sale (POS).

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By Christopher Tepper, Jennifer Swiderski and Ken Jacobsen, The TM Group


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