Microsoft Dynamics SL Streamlines Distribution Processes

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Microsoft Dynamics SL provides project-focused accounting for project-driven organizations. It is designed to handle the unique complexities of project-driven business, and if your project-driven business is in the distribution industry, Microsoft Dynamics SL is the perfect ERP toolbox for you.

Dynamics SL can help you get control of high labor costs with its automated planning and processing of customer orders, credit-checking, and support for price discount levels. It gives you financial management, inventory, receiving, billing, and sales tools that can help you reduce distribution costs and inventory, streamline all of your accounting processes, manage promotional offers, and improve customer service.

MS Dynamics SL ( tracks all processes from purchase to customer receipt. It saves time with streamlined product and service entry, automatic confirmation of shippers for drop shipments, automatic data collection, and easy retrieval of data to respond to recalls.

The sales order management tools in Microsoft SL also save time and money. You use one sales order window for each step from quote to invoice. You can locate sales orders quickly, and you can create purchase orders from sales orders. And you can automatically calculate a selling price according to pricing rules you define in sales order setup.

Microsoft Solomon improves your customer service by enabling you to quickly and easily determine delivery status and manage specific delivery times and multiple schedules and destinations. You can also provide your customers internet access to pertinent and up-to-date information around the clock.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is easy to use because it works like Microsoft Office does, and that means that it is relatively quick to train staff to use it. Talk with MIG & Co. to find out what Microsoft Dynamics SL can do for your distribution business.

MIG & Co. is a professional consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of business management software solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and CRM. We automate business processes to ensure that our customers work efficiently.

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