Ensure your Dynamics ERP System NEVER Goes Down

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Virus? Crashed Hard Drive?  Hurricane?  Flood?  Have no fear, EverSafe! is here.

We are going to assume you have at least some type of daily backup solution for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, SL or AX ERP software.  We don’t want to scare you, but there isn’t an experienced Microsoft VAR among us at The ERP Software Blog that hasn’t seen a situation where a backup system didn’t work as expected.  Sometimes with terrible consequences.

Problems common to most backup methods:

  • Testing:
    • The majority of backup methods require you to restore your information manually in order to test if the system is working properly.  Many customers don’t do this on any regular basis.  You don’t want to find out your backup system isn’t working or set up properly when you need to restore your data
    • Unless you always purchase two servers for every one you need, you have no true way to test a complete failure scenario.  And if you do keep duplicate servers for disasters, that’s a lot of extra capital expenditure that’s constant depreciating. Unless you are 100% virtual, you need to have your spare server hardware be identical to your production hardware or it will add a significant amount of time to getting back up due to differences in drivers and hardware configurations.
  • Recovery Point Objective – How recent is your backup data?:
      • Most backup solutions used in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP marketplace typically only backup once per day.  Maybe twice.  You need to use advanced backup software in order to get a reliable backup of Microsoft SQL Server.  If you host your own Exchange or SharePoint server, they too need special solutions since the systems are always ‘busy’ and in use.
      • If you only backup each night and you had a crash the next afternoon, you could lose an entire days worth of labor?  What’s the affect of that on your business
  • Days or Even weeks of crushing downtime. Most people never consider how long it can take to get  back up and running after a hardware failure.
    • You can’t just run to 'Best Buy’ and pick up a commercial server.  It can take at least 2 weeks to receive a server from Dell, HP, IBM and other major providers as they are typically built to order.
    • In the event of a disaster, are your rotating media offsite very frequently?  We find many customers would lose a week or more of data if their building burned down or was flooded due to sloppy offsite rotation policies?  Was your IT manage on vacation the week before that fire broke out in your server room and thus hadn’t been around to rotate the backups?
    • Many backup solutions only backup files and not the entire image of the server.  Thus if you lost your server, you need to reinstall the operating system, anti-virus, firewall, applications database servers, scores of patches and your latest Dynamics ERP or CRM data backup.  If your Domain Controller was hit, you would have potentially days of Active Directory re-configuration including printers, users, rights, etc.  This can add days to your recovery time.

Problems with Tape Backup

    • Tapes are very slow and if you can’t fit your entire backup of all your servers on one tape, its unlikely people will be inserting and rotating the tapes reliably.
    • Tape drives are like VCR’s.  They work on a helican scan head and that head can get knocked out of alignment.  The insidious part is that if you use an out of alignment drive to backup to tapes, you can restore from those tapes on the same drive.  However if your drive was destroyed in the same disaster, and if you even still able to buy a compatible drive, the new, ‘in alignment’ drive cannot read your out of alignment backup tapes…”Game over man…”
    • Tape media wears out fast and is known to be unreliable.  Statistics run the gamut but many say more than 50% of all tape restores fail.

Problems with Online Backup

    • Products like Mozy or Carbonite are very popular but have many problems as well:
      • Most consumer solutions restrict both your upload and download bandwidth to save money.  Having more than 1 Terabyte of data is common these days and it can easily take more than a month to back that up AND RESTORE IT via the internet.
      • These consumer services usually have very slow support based out of another country and only available via email or chat.  Do you want to see your employees staring at the ceiling while you await to get support this way?
      • The premium priced services sometimes offer sending you a special drive to backup on to get your data to them faster and will mail you a disk with your data if needed.  However, just Google real world experiences and you’ll see many have to wait a week or more to receive their drives.
      • Most on-line services only backup files and only the elite more expensive ones can handle SQL Server and the like.  Thus many won’t make a reliable backup of Microsoft Dynamics.
      • Even if your online service does make an ‘image’ backup of your servers, unless you are completely virtualized, you can’t just restore those to new hardware.  It can take days reinstalling everything once you receive your drive from them. Again you are looking at potentially two weeks of downtime in a disaster scenario.


In summary, most ‘traditional’ ways to backup are good for restoring key data files after minor onsite issues, but very poor at minimizing potential business crippling downtime.  Especially if you have a site wide disaster.

Enter EverSafe!


The Clients First Technology Solutions EverSafe! product line solves most of the problems with online and traditional backup solutions at an affordable cost.  Small business solutions start at only $299/month for up to 4 servers of coverage.

EverSafe! combines services, software and hardware, in the Cloud and on-premise so you have complete protection.  Whether it be a simple file overwritten, a lost email, corrupt Dynamics NAV database or a complete disaster at your building.  You can be back up and running between 5 and 30 minutes in virtually any situation.

EverSafe! backs up your servers as often as 12 times per hour with no impact on performance.  This means you have little risk of losing any data in any situation.

EverSafe! automatically boots up your backup images and verifies that they get to a Windows Log-on screen.  Once done it sends you a daily email showing you the screenshot ensuring that if needed, you can fail over to the EverSafe! appliance either on-premise or in the cloud.

The data that’s backed up to the cloud is replicated to two bi-coastal data centers and has SSAE 16 Security Certifications.  All data is encrypted from the moment it is backed up, then in the appliance and throughout the process into the cloud.

As a side benefit, you can use the appliance to boot up as many servers as necessary, in a private network to act as a Virtual Test Bed.  You can test out your next Microsoft Dynamics GP or NAV upgrade in the appliance and know exactly what to expect before risking your production environment.  Even if your production upgrade was a disaster, you could fail over to EverSafe! and have everybody back up in minutes.

Check out our 3 minute video for non-technical users as well as a full 30 minute overview and demo at  Mention ERP Software Blog and receive free white glove hand holding and remote installation which is normally a $1,000 fee.

by Clients First Business Solutions

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