Emailing Reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2010 R2, the only ways to send reports via email were the use of a PDF converter or screen printing and using the option to “Send To” offering the ability to send as either plain text or PDF. The option of using a PDF converter was free, but it involved printing the report to PDF and then sending the PDF to email. Using the built in “Send To” functionality wasn’t always the best option either as the available plain text version of the report was often difficult to read and many organizations did not want to purchase a copy of the required Adobe Writer Professional to send a PDF. Luckily, we are given another option in Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2010 R2.

As of version 2010 R2, Report Options now include an “E-mail Options” button. This setup window allows users to specify To, CC, and BCC email addresses for report recipients, specify if the report should be embedded in the email body text or sent as an attachment, and also allows the customization of the email subject line and email message.

Probably the biggest drawback to this process is that the file attachment itself is in an HTML format and not the more commonly used PDF. However, the HTML format is much easier to read and is generally formatted cleaner than the original plain text format.

Enabling this email feature is very easy. Here I have opened an existing report option, in this case a Sales > Historical Aged Trial Balance report. I have already defined my options but want to start emailing the report as well. With the report option open, select the “E-mail Options” button. I can enter emails for anyone who will receive an email with the report, choose whether the report with be sent embedded in the email or sent as an attachment, and finally define the email subject and body.

All I have to do to email the report is open the module for which the e-mail options have been setup and click the “Email” button.

The recipients will receive the email with the included report.

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