Dynamics GP – Manufacturing vs. Depot Management

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I’ve often seen clients in the past use the Manufacturing module not to produce a new item, but to refurbish an old one.   They create alternate routings and need to manually update the MFG Picklist, as most times the components required to manufacture a new Item are not the same as the ones required to repair it.

Perhaps one of the most under-utilized modules in Dynamics GP is the Field Service – Depot Management module.  Depot Management is designed to handle repairs of items.  It can be used to enter work orders, schedule, and track the activities within your internal repair facility and to keep track of the usage of parts and labor in the repair process.

Items needing repair can be company-owned or customer-owned (such as the case when a customer returns an item to have it repaired).

Here are some of the benefits of using the Depot Management module:

  • It links directly in to the Returns Management module.  It tracks customer-owned inventory, repair reasons, actual repair costs and if the customer should be charged for the repair.
  • It provides the ability to enter a “Repair BOM”.  Repair technicians will be alerted to the typical components required during the repair process, but they still have the ability to indicate what components were actually used.
  • It offers functionality to define steps of the repair and move the product from work station to work station.
  • It allows you to separate repairs from manufacturing providing the ability to track personnel, costs, budgets and profitability from each.

If you’re currently utilizing the Manufacturing Module to track your repairs and finding it difficult or cumbersome, it may be time to look into the Depot Management module.

Written by Karen Soligon from WilloWare, Inc.

1 thought on “Dynamics GP – Manufacturing vs. Depot Management”

  1. I think every manufacturing company should try and implement Depot Management module, I know many don't. Features are excellent, especially the ability to prepare Bill of Materials for the product being repaired and direct connection with return module.

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