Cloud Deployment Allows for Seasonal Changes in ERP Configurations

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Deployment options with Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM truly give customers the flexibility they need in these optimistic but ever-changing economic conditions.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now offering a web client, hosted solutions, or on-premise configurations, our client base is assured that they can organize their infrastructure for their needs today, but leave plenty of options for both short-term or long-term changes.  Coupled with the Microsoft CRM on-premise or cloud options, our customers can have a mix-n-match approach depending upon their planned-approach.

This "Business Your Way" infograph outlines the various deployment modules we've used and designed for our customers' unique requirements.  Whether you are in a consolidation phase, a seasonal change, or a steady growth pattern - Collins Computing can assist you in forming the perfect combination for your business.  Whether you lean towards more on-site or remote user connections, we can give you the options you require to optimize your solution.

Contact Collins Computing today, or visit our implementation strategy web page to help you take the steps towards combining the options available for your unique "IT" (Information Technology) ownership needs.  We offer Microsoft Dynamics ERP quick quotes for both on-line and on-premise combinations with maintenance, support, and training plans to fit your specific requirements.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc. | Count on Collins | Count on Success

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