Cash Flow Management and Rapid Implementation of Dynamics GP

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Our workbook materials on Rapid Implementation knowledge can greatly improve your cash flow. At this time, we’re simply giving the materials away. The goal with preparation of these materials is to improve the success of implementations of Microsoft Dynamics GP by small and mid-size companies (SMBs).

Resources for an implementation rest on SMB cash flow. SMBs have a difficult time keeping their promise to commit resources long enough for a successful implementation. While we can implement a system to improve your cash flow, the first thing we can do is reduce your cash outflow by providing you with:

  1. Accurate knowledge of what a mid-size software package requires for a successful implementation.
  2. Guidance to shorten the implementation process.
  3. Guidance to lower the costs of an implementation

Download these resources while they’re free and no email address, name or telephone number is required. If you assist us with feedback on the documents, send us an email and we’ll connect from our offices in Portland, Oregon to your desktop for 1 hour at no charge to help you prepare for your implementation.

Tired of the fluff? Need transparency from your accounting software and business management system partner? Computeration is the Idaho partner on ERP Software Blog. Gloria Braunschweig is the author of Rapid Implementation-How to Complete a Low-cost and Successful Business Management System Implementation-It’s not Rocket Science.

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