Can You List 12 Ideas To Fuel Distributor Profits with Dynamics ERP?

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More than ever, distributors are finding innovative ways to make their businesses profitable. Advancements in technology have allowed them to compete in larger, global markets and deal with customers through a larger range of channels than ever before.

As a distributor, you must find a way to gain an edge over competitors who can now compete with you even if they are outside of your local market. The stakes are higher, but so too are the opportunities. To fuel profits, you need revolutionary ideas.  CAL Business Solutions contributed to a white paper “12 Revolutionary Ideas That Fuel Distributor Profits” with 12 such ideas that can fuel distributor profits and help you catapult your company into uncharted territory.

The white paper provides real-world examples of distributor success in a wide range of industries. Examples include:

  • A distributor of emergency medical kits and supplies that tapped into the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP,  integrated with their electronic pedigree system and automated credit card processing. The distributor saw a growth of 70,000 refills to 360,000 per      year.
  • A paper products distributor expanded operations and used Dynamics GP to remotely engage team members and boost productivity.
  • A fitness equipment manufacturer harnessed the power of a cloud-delivered, managed EDI service from RedTail, integrated within its Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

These are just a few real-world examples of distributors that have found success by thinking outside of the box and taking advantage of some of the revolutionary ideas that Microsoft partners like CAL Business Solutions can provide. You can download the full white paper “12 Revolutionary Ideas That Fuel Distributor Profits” at

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By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,

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