8 Keep-It-Simple Dynamics GP Reports

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Over 20 years of using Great Plains Dynamics/Microsoft Great Plains/Microsoft Dynamics GP, I’ve created a lot of modified reports. When we upgraded to GP version 2013, we were approaching 200 modified reports. I made my engineer’s day when I cut the list to less than 50.

The core 8 reports in my sample are the ones that most of our clients want: simple summary trial balances, debits and credits in a logical order on the general ledger trial balances. If you want this report package, go to our contact page on our web site and enter your request. Or contact us for other modified reports we might have already or can create for you.

A few additional hints regarding Dynamics GP reports:

  • Always choose to print your payable and receivable aged trial balance “with Options” so you can avoid printing accounts with zero balances and no activity.
  • If you have modified reports, you can still print the default report formats. It’s all a matter of the access granted to the user.
  • Many users don’t realize that checking and unchecking certain report options causes the generation of a completely different report format. Choosing current or historical options are the two most likely options to cause the system to use a different report format as you can see from the lists below.

The modifications I made to these reports cut the length of the reports in half by removing the miscellaneous vendor and customer information.

  1. Payables Summary Aged Trial Balance – Options
  2. Payable Summary Historical Aged Trial Balance
  3. Receivables Summary Aged Trial Balance – Options
  4. Receivables Summary Historical Aged Trial Balance

These modifications place the Beginning Balance, Debit, Credit, Net Change, and Ending Balance fields in the logical sequence.

  1. General Ledger Current Year Trial Balance Detail
  2. General Ledger Current Year Trial Balance Detail by Period/Month
  3. General Ledger Historical Year Trial Balance Detail
  4. General Ledger Historical Year Trial Balance Detail by Period/Month

Contact Computeration if you want a KISSR implementation -- Keep It Simple, Successful, and Rapid. From our offices in Portland, Oregon, reaching across the nation, keeping your implementation of Dynamics GP lean and productive is what we’ve always done best. Your ERP Software Blog Idaho partner.

2 thoughts on “8 Keep-It-Simple Dynamics GP Reports”

  1. MY FS year 2014 is still open. I'm trying to print/generate a trial balance report for FS YR 2015 but the report it gives me doesn't includes the beginning balances for the FS YR 2015. how will i go about it? please help.

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