5 Tasks to Automate By Connecting Your Shipping and ERP Solutions

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If you are a manufacturer or a distributor that is running your shipping management software and your financial or ERP software systems separately, you could be wasting valuable time and running the risk of costly manual entry errors.

When you are using two separate systems, you have to enter the data twice – increasing your likelihood of errors and omissions.  The problem is easy enough to understand.  Fortunately, there is an easy solution: integration.

By connecting your shipping management software and ERP solution with an integration solution that is geared specifically for seamlessly bringing these two aspects of your business together can help you eliminate these concerns.  For example, ezShipment (https://www.socius1.com/solutions/shipping-management/) is a tool that connects Microsoft Dynamics NAV and StarShip.

ezShipment can help you automate and streamline several processes including:

  • Tracking of shipments
  • Storing and accessing package-level detail of shipments
  • Scanning the barcodes on Pick Tickets in order to Pick, Pack, Print and Post shipments
  • Enabling the order-entry user to determine freight charges during the order-entry process
  • Creating truckload and LTL shipments and printing relevant documents

Visit our site to learn more about ezShipment or contact us today to discuss your shipping integration needs (https://www.socius1.com/contact/contact-online/).

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner

1 thought on “5 Tasks to Automate By Connecting Your Shipping and ERP Solutions”

  1. Completely agree with you! Making entries twice is the sure shot way to invite errors and bugs into the entire system. Integration is the sure shot way to integrate two disparate systems. Either you can get tools like mentioned above or even get this developed, some thing I have done quite a few times.

    Those who are not familiar with technology must know that this integration could be achieved by using XML document to represent and exchange data and any good programming language to achieve automation.

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