5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud ERP Partner Before You Buy

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Whether you are deploying your ERP solution (https://www.socius1.com/solutions/erp/) on-premise, having it hosted, or deploying in the cloud, trusting your ERP partner is absolutely essential.  If you are deploying on-premise, you will have a long-term relationship with your ERP partner through ongoing services, education, and more.  However, if your ERP partner is hosting or providing your ERP solution in the cloud, you will be depending on them on a day-to-day basis, so it is critical that you  select a partner who you trust and can work well with.

Based on the recommendations of experts at CloudTalk and our experience providing Cloud ERP solutions to organizations like yours, we suggest you ask your ERP partner these five questions before you take your solution to the cloud with them:

  1.  Why Do You Trust Your Cloud Provider? – Most ERP Partners will be working with a cloud provider to host your solution.  Find out why they chose that provider and what proof or testing they can provide to support that decision.
  2. Who Will Own My Data? – The last thing you want to do when moving to the cloud is to sacrifice your ownership of your data to save a few bucks.  Many of the lower cost cloud ERP solutions come at the much higher price of you losing ownership of your data.  Make sure that with your new solution, your data will remain yours and you will be free to take it with you should you choose to move off of the product or out of the cloud.
  3. Will You Encrypt My Sensitive Data? – If you don’t currently have to ability to encrypt your most critical business data, then selecting a partner that will do this for you can bring a huge added value to your solution and your organization.
  4. Can You Help Me Compare My Costs? – Your ERP Partner should be able to provide you with a comparison between your costs for your solution if you deploy on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud.
  5. How Do You Recover Data? – Data loss is a huge interruption to business and your cloud ERP partner will do everything in their power ensure that does not happen.  Every cloud ERP partner will tell you about their data recovery services, but you should make sure it works and is tested.  Make sure you understand and are confident in the data recovery process so you know what to expect should your system have a crisis.

If your potential cloud ERP partner can’t or won’t answer any of the questions above, that may be a red flag that you should continue looking for a partner who deserves your trust and your business.

If you aren’t quite sure if cloud ERP is the right solution for your organization, we can help you assess your business needs and evaluate your options through a Cloud Impact Assessment (CIA).  Request a CIA here:  https://www.cloudtechnology.com/cia.

By Socius, a cloud ERP partner based in Ohio

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