Tips to Go Beyond Basic Reporting with Refreshable Excel Reports in Dynamics GP

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One of the greatest benefits of an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP is the wealth of reporting and analysis capabilities available to help increase visibility and decision making capabilities across the organization. If you are a Dynamics GP user you are probably familiar with Smart Lists. However, there are fewer people who are familiar with Excel Reports for Dynamics GP, or what is sometimes referred to as refreshable Excel reports. With refreshable Excel reports when you run reports, the data goes directly to Excel, and a refreshable data connection is created so that as new data is added or changed in Dynamics GP, the Excel reports using this connection will reflect the change. It’s a great tool for making reviews with customized formatting including graphs and pivot tables and it can be refreshed at any time to gather the most current data. The reports can be accessed from Microsoft Dynamics GP, a secure network location, SharePoint Server, or even Outlook.

Many Dynamics GP users do not know they have this functionality because they have not deployed it yet. Interested in learning more? Here are some basic tips to get you started with this cool tool:

  • Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu and select Tools, click SmartList Builder, click Excel Report Builder, and choose Excel Report Builder. Select the tables from Microsoft Dynamics GP to help create the report.
  • Next, decide what format to display the data in. For a Drill Down link, you can use a List format. To summarize and control the look of the report, use a Pivot.
  • Once all the tables are added, you can publish the reports. Be sure to set up a secure location for saving the files. Select the secure location and set up the desired permissions. When setting up permissions it’s a two part process if there are external users. Have the IT team set up external users in the right groups within SQL. Then choose which groups have access to the reports by using the check boxes listed.
  • If you want to get the reports into Outlook, you first will have to create a public folder using the Mail and Post Items option in Outlook. Next, post the reports Excel file in that public folder by going to Outlook. Click New Items, click More Items, and choose Post in this Folder. An Outlook screen opens to the file created. The security of the Outlook folder and who has access to the data in the Excel reports can be controlled.

Voilà! You can refresh the results each time the report is opened. The refreshable Excel reporting tool can help you go beyond just basic reporting and stay up to speed with the latest data to make the most informed decisions.

For additional information on Microsoft Dynamics GP or how you can get the most out of your reporting, contact the Dynamics ERP experts at Borek Business Solutions today.

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