The Cost of Doing Business is Increasing

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The expectation in 2013 is that the cost of doing business will increase by more than 10 percent, driven primarily by the increasing cost of fuel, transportation, equipment, and energy. (Wholesale Distribution 2012 Monitor Report). The best way to address this rising cost is to develop and execute a balanced plan of operational improvement with minimal price increases to remain competitive in your market.

A new investment in information technology may help you to streamline processes and improve communication with customers and suppliers:

  • Provide improved customer service with faster information delivered to your sales staff
  • Improve order turnaround time to improve your sales team’s productivity
  • Decrease inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce stock outs so your customers don’t go to your competitors

If you suspect process inefficiencies are the root cause of slow growth and lack of competitive advantage, update your workflow by implementing a new business management system.

Visit to see for yourself why all implementation processes are not created equal. A successful implementation within budget and its targeted timeframe starts with a sound selection process, good process analysis, and proven implementation methods.

Computeration specializes in ways to enhance your customer service and vendor relationship management with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  With clients around the world, we focus on low-cost, rapid, successful implementation by offering experience and best practices for project management, data integration, and training.

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