Resolving Common Errors in Business Portal’s Requisition Management

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We recently had a customer that was unable to do a final approval in Business Portal’s Requisition Management, a popular add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It can be frustrating when there are hang-ups in the processes we need to complete our tasks. If you are having a similar problem, here is what we did to resolve the issue.

First, check if there is a circular approval list where the final approver is also the creator of the requisition. Another similar issue would be if the final approver had two instances in the approval flow.

5-20 graph 1

If this is the case, change the approval flow so each employee is only in the flow once.

Second, make sure the approver has sufficient dollar limits to approve the requisition.5-20 graph 2

This error is easily fixed by increasing the approvers spending limit or reassigning the requisition to a different approver with a higher limit.

Third, check if the requisition has more than 50 lines. Anything over 50 lines will result in an error. There needs to be a line added to the Web Config file that extends the time before the system times out. To do that,

  1. Make a backup of the current Web.config file
  2. Open the file in Notepad and do a search for MaxRequestLength
  3. You should find a line that states:  <httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”51200”/>
  4. Change the line so that the timeout takes place after a longer period of time.  Your new line should read: <httpRuntime maxRequestLength=’51200” executionTimeout=”300” />
    The 300 equates to 300 seconds or five minutes.
  5. Reset IIS and try to do the final approval.


If you need help with Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact the experts at Stoneridge Software for assistance.

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