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Mid-South Wire Explains how Microsoft Dynamics NAV Improved their Business

In this 13 minute video, Andy Talbot of Mid-South Wire in Nashville Tennessee  explains how Clients First Business Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics NAV was able to create a measurable improvement in customer service, profitability, and overall efficiency.  Andy describes how their old solution was extremely slow at producing meaningful information that allowed for efficient running of the business.

He talks about how they looked at various packages, including wire industry specific solutions.  He discusses how Dynamics NAV (Navision) was able to consolidate a multitude of different solutions, each living in its own 'island',  into a single unified solution.

Mid-South Wire was able to reduce accounting related staffing from 16 down to 4 people in a short period of time.  This is a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) that is hard to argue with in terms of the benefits.  They were so confident in Client's First's implementation that they made a clean break and didn't go parallel.  There was a huge decrease in inventory errors and accuracy increased greatly in all areas of their business.

Shipping was completely integrated and automated allowing for much more rapid turnaround.  Mid-South often receives orders after 12pm and will still need to ship same day.

Clients First delivered the solution on-time & on-budget which is a testament to the efforts by Mid-South Wire, Clients First Business Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

MSW Testimonial from Cutting Edge Marketing LLC on Vimeo.

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