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How to: Customize Home Page Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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    One of the great things about Microsoft Dynamics GP is it’s full of customization options. One such option is the home page.

    Home page customization provides you a convenient way to view everything you need on a daily basis and remove what you don't. Whether you want specific windows or reports, you can add them by simply clicking a checkbox and they will be right there on the main screen.

    To customize your home screen follow these steps:

    •  Log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
    • On the home page, click the Customize this page link.
    • In the Customize Home Page window, click to clear the following check boxes under Mark Content to Display:
      • To Do
      • Microsoft Outlook
      • Metrics
      • My Reports
      • Quick Links
      • Click OK.

    And it's as simple as that! Now you have a completely custom page just for you.

    If you have any questions on home page customizations or other GP features, contact Crestwood Support at [email protected] or call 847-394-8820 x7!

    By Shelly Ann Rugnone, Support Analyst, Crestwood Associates, LLC – an Illinois/Indiana/Iowa Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner



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