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Dynamics GP Reporting – Smartlist and Smartlist Builder

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Dare I say that for years I worked in the Manufacturing Industry utilizing and eventually implementing ERP systems that weren’t part of the Microsoft ERP system offerings.  About 5 years ago, when I joined a consulting firm that only implemented Dynamics GP, my first reaction to Smartlist and eventually Smartlist Builder was WOW!   I couldn’t believe how easy it was for users to create or update reports in the system.   And the fact that you could so easily export the report to Excel – incredible!  Before I became acquainted with Dynamics GP, I would have to hound my ERP Report Developer to add simple columns of information to my reports for me.  I was honestly astounded by the simplicity of Smartlists.

Of all the remarkable functionality that Dynamics GP offers, I am still amazed by Smartlist and Smartlist Builder.  So what could possibly make Smartlist more user friendly and effective than it already is?  There are 4 WilloWare tools that will do just that:

1.  If you need to sum a column or find the most frequently occurring item, Smartlist Analzyer can do that without leaving Smartlist.  It adds mathematical and statistical functions so you can perform a quick count on the number of invoices created this week, or add a calculated column to find the total value of inventory in a site.  Functions include:

  • Average – adds the values in a column and divides by the number of values in a column
  • Frequency – counts how often each value occurs in the selected column
  • Mode – finds the most frequently occurring value
  • Standard Deviation – calculates the standard deviation of values in a column
  • Sum – calculates the total of a column


2.  What’s better than one Smartlist?  How about keeping up to five Smartlists open at the same time?  SmartList Favorite Keep Open allows you to do just that.


3.  Not enough space to view all the columns of your Smartlist?  Maximize the screen area devoted to the Smartlist data with SmartList Resize.  Smartlist Resize allows you to resize the SmartList window in a way that maximizes the results-pane while keeping the Treeview compact.


4.  Last but not least, after you are done tweaking your Smartlist to make it exactly how you want it, Smartlist Favorite Lock will keep it that way.  This tool adds the ability to lock, and password protect, any user created SmartList Favorite.


If you would like to learn more about any of these valuable Smartlist Tools by WilloWare or check out more of their Dynamics GP product offerings, please visit or send an email to

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