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Dynamics GP Journal Entry: Paste from Excel- Free Add in!

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Are you tired of manually entering long and lengthy journal entries? Great news: now  you don’t have to!

There is a simple-to-use new add-in tool and it’s FREE!

This add-in tool allows for a basic cut/paste operation of GL Journal Entries originating in Excel to the GL-Transaction Entry window.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a spreadsheet with 4 columns: Account Number, Debit, Credit, Distribution Reference. (as seen below)


  • Copy the data from the Excel spreadsheet. You will not need to copy the column headers, just the data below it.
  • Open the transaction entry window.
  • Select Additional> Past from Excel or Ctrl+f. You will still need to enter the top portion: Batch ID, Date and Reference


  • Save or Post when you’re done

For more questions on this add-in tool contact Crestwood Support or call 847-394-8820 x7!

By Shelly Ann Rugnone, Support Analyst, Crestwood Associates, LLC – an Illinois/Indiana/Iowa Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


9 Responses to “Dynamics GP Journal Entry: Paste from Excel- Free Add in!”

  1. David Moore says:

    When I follow the directions, copy the DLL file to GP\Addins then unblock it, when I login into GP as SA it doesn’t ask to create any addins. Is there an option GP that needs to be changed in order to see the addin?

  2. Rahman says:

    how can i download trial version of ERP accounts software?

  3. Hi Matt – our help desk can assist you with that. Thanks!

    Donna Krizik

  4. Matt says:

    Can I get a copy of this add-in? It would be very useful to me.



  5. Crestwood Associates says:

    Hi Chuckie,
    We can give you a copy. If you email our support desk, they can help you with that.

  6. chuckie says:

    I don’t see where to download free add-in tool, where can I get it?

  7. Milton says:

    I rarely comment, but I browsed a bunch of responses on this page Dynamics
    GP Journal Entry: Paste from Excel- Free Add in!

  8. Crestwood Associates says:

    Hi Jatin,
    The free tool works with GP 10.0- GP2013. So that wouldn’t should not be a problem. Are you having trouble installing the tool? If you like we can do a screen share and I can assist you with setting this up. Thanks,
    Shelly Rugnone

  9. Jatin says:

    Excellent! But how do I get this Add-In into GP-2010 version? Is it compatible with 2010 or is it only available with latest version onwards?