Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Security?

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Dynamics GP Toolbox contains many features to help solve business needs such as security and the ability to work simpler and easier in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This collection of tools was created to reduce pain points in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

 System Administrators love saving user licenses with Inactivity Timeout, simplifying security with our advanced single-screen Security Manager, maintaining Microsoft Dynamics GP with System Maintenance Lockout and preventing unauthorized use with User Lockout.

  • Inactivity Timeout ( is a security feature that allows a workstation to be gracefully logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after a predefined period of inactivity.
  • Security Manager ( is a security feature that allows you to view, report on, and manage security in a more intuitive interface than is available with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Grant, modify or revoke user access with a simple click of your mouse with confidence that you’re not inadvertently creating any conflicts while doing so.
  • System Maintenance Lockout ( is a feature that allows a system administrator to prevent users from logging into a specified company or all companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This will also force users to log out of the system if they are already logged in.
  • User Lockout ( is a security feature that locks users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP after they have made three unsuccessful password attempts.

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 Written By Marketing at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

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