Tips to Getting Dynamics SL 2011 Working with Windows 8

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Let's face it, most of us hate change (especially accountants!) and Windows 8 brings us a lot of immediate change. If you're thinking about making the change to Windows 8 but have questions or are unsure of how it will impact Dynamics SL, then be sure to read on.


We’ve compiled some easy to follow steps to get Dynamics SL working on a new PC, Surface Pro or laptop below:

Go to the desktop:

(Where X is the mapped drive letter used, and SERVERNAME is the server where Dynamics SL 2011 is installed and SHARENAME is the share for the Dynamics SL installation)

  • Switch to the mapped drive in the command prompt by typing X: and then press the Enter key

(Where X is the drive letter mapped in the step above)

  • In the command prompt type cd \Applications\SL\Wrkstn or cd \SL\Wrkstn depending on where the share is setup and press the Enter key.
  • Then type Setup and press the Enter key.
  • Follow the prompts during the setup as normal.
  • Reboot when complete.
  • After logging in again go back to the desktop.
  • Open an administrative command prompt again and perform step 3.
  • Close the command prompt by typing Exit and then pressing the Enter key.
  • Open a standard command prompt (Windows-X then select Command prompt)
  • Perform the step 3.
  • Exit the command prompt.

We hope this helps you get Dynamics SL working on your Windows 8 machine.  If you have questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact the Dynamics SL experts at Boyer & Associates as we’d be happy to help.

By Jack Boyer, Boyer & Associates, Minneapolis, Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation and support


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