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“Shine Bright, Like a Diamond” with These 7 Atttributes Your ERP Partner Should Have in Their “Jewelry Box”

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After talking with our existing customers about why they continue to use Collins Computing as their Microsoft Dynamics partner, we put together this list of the benefits we provide to their organizations.  These are the seven shining examples of what our customers have come to expect from their long-term consulting partner.


  1. Complete Support/Help Desk AvailableUsers may be confused on how to complete a process.  Your consulting partner must be ready to assist with anything from a process interruption (stuck batch), to a question on how to finish a transaction (navigation), to which reports are available for a request, to questions on where data is held.  Our support reps have extensive experience in reconciling balances, daily procedures, and month-end, quarterly, and year-end processes they should be performing.  We walk users thru these practices with ease.
  2. Complement Your IT Department – With the years of experience we have in implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics customers, we suggest maintenance plans for specific infrastructure, including backups, file maintenance routines, and optimization techniques to help the system’s overall performance.  Whether your ERP/CRM system housed in your own building, hosted by another proven provider, or are looking for possibilities of cloud computing, a consulting partner should help you navigate the options and make the proper decision for your organization.
  3. Training, Consulting, and Development Needs – Collins Computing has been in the business of implementing, supporting and customizing Microsoft Dynamics applications for 20 years.  Some of our consultants have been with us through this entire tenure.  Your consulting partner should bring your employees’ knowledge into your existing procedures so they are able to use the system smoothly.  With extensive program, table, and processing logic knowledge, Collins Computing can design and implement specific program integrations, customizations or migrations according to your needs.  If you already have in-house products reporting or interacting with Microsoft Dynamics, your solution partner should provide extended database knowledge quickly so you can respond to any changing user requirements.
  4. Migration to Management Reporter, the New Financial/BI Reporting Option - Management Reporter is the new tool for financial reporting.  Whether your company has been using FRx, Microsoft Dynamics GP reports, or other methods of retrieving financial information in the past, you may now migrate over to Management Reporter.   Collins Computing has the experience and knowledge in making a smooth transition from the older technologies to Management Reporter, and its proven SQL architecture, newest web viewer, folder sharing, security levels, and report distribution methods.  Active Directory requirements change, so your partner should work with your system administrators in making the move with the proper system rights and organization.  Collins also offers our customers reporting options that extend beyond financials through our partnership with preferred vendors with "BI" products.  Ask us to create the best solution for your needs!
  5. Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 just recently released, users are eager to take advantage of the new features and benefits from being current with the system.  Microsoft has extended functionality in many areas including the home page, accounts payable processing, fixed assets deeper integration, payroll and HR improvements, distribution enhancements, and more.  In total more than 140 changes have been made to improve the capabilities of an already strong ERP system.  Collins Computing can handle the project planning, system requirements verification, and testing and coordinating with your IT personnel and users to be sure everyone understands the changes and improvements.  Be sure your partner can handle the tasks and keep the project within budget.
  6. Web Client Access, Terminal Services Users, SharePoint Options, Business Analyzer, Portals and More – Both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Management Reporter have provided options for organizations to extend and/or limit users to accessing the data thru web clients, web viewers, and other connection options.  Our consultants can answer your questions and assist you in implementing these extensions of your system to properly authorized employees or partners.  Be sure your partner is up-to-date on the latest news and updates for your solutions.
  7. Existing System and Business Process Reviews – Whatever version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, FRx Financials, Management Reporter, and the best of breed ISV solutions that are available throughout the Microsoft business channel, Collins Computing’s consultants are well-versed in implementing, training, and reviewing a corporation’s use of the programs.  Your consultant should partner with your organization by analyzing how your business is using your existing investment in hardware, software, and employees to improve your techniques.

 Contact Collins Computing today so we can provide proven steps to make your investment in Microsoft Dynamics SHINE.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc.  |Count on Collins.  Count on Success.|

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